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GPM Consulting is an independent privately owned company operating within the intersection of public and private sectors. The company was established by a group of local and international experts with the goal of providing a broad range of highly professional consulting services to a selective range of clients.

Our mission is to provide the best possible available expertise in the area of public and private sectors which strive to strengthen their capacities, advance their operability and maximize their output. Our vision is to be the first and only choice in the pursuit of our clients for a reliable partner.

We provide services to our clients focused on two fundamental objectives: PROJECT MANAGEMENT and a HIGH PROFILED EXPERTISE in a variery of sectors. This approach allows us to provide a complete coveridge of often highly demanding multidisciplinary projects dealing with variety of cross-sectoral issues. We provide high profiled expertise in a vast scope of sectors...


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In a world of strong competition we aim to provide a professional service that in all respects is superior to our competitors. Such an approach strengthens our position as one of the regional leaders in the consulting sector.

Our experts have the two decades worth of high profile professional experience in the delivery of services to a large number of clients (a list is available) that include central and local government departments, industry, commercial clients, international organizations and agencies.

Unlike many of our competitors we do provide a broad range of highly professional and specialized services for our clients. We are convinced that the approach of providing complete services allows our clients to feel secure and confident in sharing with us their every day problems and concerns, no matter their nature. Such a close relationship enables us to provide the most adequate solutions based on the specific needs.

We believe that there is no room for experimentation. We firmly reject experimentations or improvisations in the consulting sector. Therefore, we do not engage unqualified or inexperienced personnel. All of our consultants and instructors are well-established experts with extensive and diverse professional experiences We are fully aware that the high quality services provided by our experts are the base preconditions for the achievement of our clients” goals.


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