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GPM Consulting provides services to our clients focused on two fundamental objectives: PROJECT MANAGEMENT and a HIGH PROFILED EXPERTISE in a variery of sectors. This approach allows us to provide a complete coveridge of often highly demanding multidisciplinary projects dealing with variety of cross-sectoral issues.


• International and Local Expertise
• Designing, Developing and Launching New Projects
• Project Planning
• Logistic Support (both strategic and on-project support)
• Project Management / Project Leadership
• Project Office Establishment
• Project Management Process Improvement
• Project Validation
• Training and Capacity building (utilizing accelerated learning techniques)
• Facilitating Workshops and Seminars
• Organisation of Events
• Resource Outsourcing and Contracting
• Premises with Complete On-Project Technical Support

Our HIGH PROFILED EXPERTISE covers the following sectors:

Agriculture and Rural Development
Transport and infrastructure
Culture and Education
Labour and Social Policy
IT Solutions
Decentralization, LED and LSG
Trade Policy and WTO Related Issues
Private sector Investments
Public Procurements and Concessions